Great question! The Army at large knows nothing about high level marksmanship and very few pay attention to the AMU or any organized marksmanship activity. Most personnel aren't even adhering to the basic, required doctrine. This is not the fault of the AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit), NGMTU (National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit), the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program, et al. Leadership is either uninformed or does not care and there's no pressure to change. Historical examples:



For those that do pay attention, 3 Gun/action shooting is a benefit. Service Conditions competition is conducted with issue weapons and is a blend of National Match (precision-type) shooting with skirmishing and action (speed-type) shooting. This demands a well-rounded skillset and enhances marksmanship readiness.

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Do you think the AMUs focus on 3 gun competitions has degraded or enhanced our marksmanship readiness?

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In the WWII era Army marksmanship training manual, the respiratory pause at the end of exhalation was an element of achieving NPOA, and one of the “steps in the checklist” of firing the shot. Project Appleseed derived their instruction manual from that Army manual. The respiratory pause is one of the “6 steps to firing a shot” in the P.A. manual. The “3 legs of the stool” in good shooting (also in that manual) are 1. A stable shooting position (with specific orientations & steady hold factors) 2. Achieving NPOA. 3. The six steps. The process works, but respiratory pause is just one sub-element in the entire process. It seems looking historically, that the Army changed the process significantly after introduction of the M16, with it’s pencil barrel and gas block attached sling swivel affecting POI, depending on sling usage & tension.

I went from absolute beginner, to “expert” shooting an AQT in one day following this instruction, and won my very first CMP Rimfire Sporter event using what I’d learned, shooting a 585/600, 21X with a rack grade $200 rifle with $60 scope.



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