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I worked for Beamhit and did a lot of predeployment training on the LMTS and its sniper cousin the STS. And ran a lot of training on the FATS/EST stuff. They had some good points but all in all I dont think they were ever used correctly. The LMTS was a great way to boresight...but other than that..meh...

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Misuse is and was certainly the biggest problem. Good shooters tend to "meh" all of these options because they're already doing the things that matter (disiplined dry and live practice).

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We used the weaponeer and EST at Parris Island for remedial training I can't honestly say they did any good. When we were training NG units for deployment I did like using the LMTS lasers for boresighting. I used to go to Fort BENNING for every sniper course and run the Beamhit Sniper Training System for them and I think it was a good dry fire device as you could run mildot range estimation training with it and it had a cool trace program for dry firing where you could watch the guys flinch and buck.. I like the MantisX stuff thats out there. I've dry fired a bunch with mine and its a good training aid. Having said all that a quality air rifle/pistol is better and they make great anti-stray cat systems.

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